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Bold Rainbow

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Why wear boring socks when you can rock it with these? Just like grandma used to make! Commissions and special orders are taken on a select basis.

The yarn is Jimmy sock by HauteKnit, an amazing hand dyed colorway! Each high-quality skein is a unique color.  This yarn was made to be worn on your feet! It is strong yet soft, perfect for your every day socks. The tight twist and 25% nylon makes this yarn strong enough and the super soft merino makes you want to cuddle it.

These socks will fit shoe size Ladies 5/6, Men's 4/5.

75% Merino, 25% Nylon

CARE: From the yarn dyer: Hand wash cold & lay flat to dry. If you must machine wash I strongly suggest a garment bag and COLD water. Washing hand dyed yarn in water above 106f can break the bond between yarn & dye.

To dry: After washing, roll it in a towel and squeeze. Shake gently and lay down on a flat surface to dry.

Ready to ship. Colors may appear different on the computer. All materials may have had contact with animal dander or other allergens. Hand-crafted products may have slight irregularities. 

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