VKitty Knitty is a one-woman creative line based in Durham, NC. Kitty has been hand knitting and crocheting since 2004 and machine knitting since 2017. Always desiring to be wrapped in comfort, she creates intricate shawls for every day wear. Kitty prefers to use hand dyed yarn from independently owned businesses.

In middle school, she learned knitting from her best friend so they could make things to donate. With a year, she asked her grandmother to teach her to crochet. Kitty picked up both right away. In high school, she made many stuffed animals for her friends and even sewed her own prom dresses. Although she didn't go to art school, she majored in Sexuality and Visual Studies, doing her final project a live installation of wearables she knit, crocheted, and sewed. Crafting continues to be a huge part of her life and she hopes she can share to joy of it with you.

Email RavenKittyTaylor@gmail.com if you are interested in a knit or crochet commission.



Are you a fellow knitter? Find my work here, http://www.ravelry.com/people/ravenkittytaylor

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