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Fluffy Sweater L

$215.00 USD

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Super fluffy sweater! It's made with mixed materials and is very soft, pink body and purple sleeves. Model is size M and the sweater kept falling off her shoulders.

CARE: Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry. The agitation of a washer can cause damage to the fabric. Do not wring dry as this can cause stretching. After washing, roll it in a towel and squeeze the towel. Shake gently and lay down on a flat surface to dry. Store flat/folded as fibers can stretch if hung.

Ready to ship. Colors may appear different on the computer. All materials may have had contact with animal dander or other allergens. Hand-crafted products may have slight irregularities. 

Sliding Scale / Pay what you can options:

This took me around 30 hours to make. Giving myself $7.25 an hour, this is priced at $215. I understand that not everyone can or wants to pay that much and I would like to keep my art accessible. Use the following codes for discounted pricing: 10OFF for 10% off, 15OFF for 15% off, 20OFF for 20% off, 25OFF for 25% off.

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