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"Slipstravaganza" Shawl

$580.00 USD

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One of my favorite shawl designers, Stephen West of West Knits in Amsterdam, creates a pattern annually that is released in sections called a "mystery knit-a-long." When you start the project, you don't know how it will look when finished. This is the Mystery shawl released in 2020 which he named  "Slipstravaganza." It is one of my favorite patterns. This shawl is special because the main color, the purple, has a silvery shimmer in it. The shawl is incredibly soft and warm while still having a nice drape. All colors have been specially chosen for this project, they are all from independently owned businesses that hand dye their yarn in small batches.

The purple glittery yarn is 90% Merino wool and 10% Stellina by Zen Yarn Garden from Canada.

The teal yarn is by a company called Manos del Uruguay, which has World Fair Trade Organization certification.

The pink and multi-colored yarns are 100% Merino Wool by Baah Yarn, who moved from California to Nevada.

CARE: Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry. The agitation of a washer can cause damage to the fabric. Do not wring dry as this can cause stretching. After washing, roll it in a towel and squeeze the towel. Because this shawl is thick, you may have to do this twice. Or, you can you the spin cycle on the machine after hand washing. Shake gently and lay down on a flat surface to dry. Store flat/folded as the weight of the shawl can cause stretching if hung.

Ready to ship. Colors may appear different on the computer. All materials may have had contact with animal dander or other allergens. Hand-crafted products may have slight irregularities. 

Sliding Scale / Pay what you can options:

This shawl took me around 80 hours to design and make. Giving myself $7.25 an hour, the shawl is priced at $580. I understand that not everyone can or wants to pay that much and I would like to keep my art accessible. Use the following codes for discounted pricing: 10OFF for 10% off, 15OFF for 15% off, 20OFF for 20% off, 25OFF for 25% off.

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